Carramio Baby Carrier Black


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A lot of expertise and research has gone into making our Carramio the first-choice baby carrier for new mums and dads.

With chic styling and offering complete comfort and functionality, our two-way baby carrier has been designed so that your little one can form an even closer bond with you. After a few months baby can be turned round to look outwards and take in the sights as you walk along. The Carramio features a lightweight, soft, fabric lining to help keep baby cool and contented, while wide padded straps and lumbar support spread their weight evenly across your body.

Designed to carry a baby with a weight of 3.5kgs to 9.0kgs (approximately 7lbs 11oz to 19lbs 13oz), our Carramio Baby Carrier meets British and European Standards, and has a machine-washable and detachable dribble-bib. There’s also an option to purchase an extra pack of two Carramio bibs if needed.




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