Dreambaby – Extra Wide Security Gate With Stay Open Feature


    The Dreambaby® Liberty Xtra-Wide Hallway Security Gates with Smart Stay-Open feature is an invaluable childproofing item, adding safety and security to any home. Gates work as movable, temporary partitions within the home. They prevent children from entering potentially hazardous areas which may be dangerous or unsupervised, hindering accidents. They are most often used at the top or bottom of stairways and hallways, and the Xtra Hallway Gate allows for use in wider partitions such as large hallways and openings between rooms. Gates are an integral part of protecting children from falls and other accidents around the home.


  • Gate stays open in both directions;
  • Conveniently swings and adjusts for quick and easy pass-through with a simple one-handed operation;
  • Gates are pressure-mounted, which means fuss free installation with no screws or drilling required;
  • Fits openings from 99-108 cm (39 – 42.5″);
  • Extends up to 3.08 m (121″) with optional gate extensions: 9cm (3.5″), 18cm (7.0″) , 27cm (10.5″), 36 cm (14″), 45 cm (17.5″), 54 cm (21″), 63 (24.5″) and 100 cm (39″)
  • Gate height 76 cm (30″);
  • Suitable for doorways, hallways and other openings