Leapfrog My Own Leaptop


Message mode lets children pretend to send and receive e-mails with Scout
ABC mode lets children hear the letter, the letter sound and a word using that letter
Music mode provides 16 fun songs and melodies
Games mode lets kids play fun animal trivia and letter games to reinforce the learning
Durable plastic case opens like a laptop
Large screen features 26 fun animal animations
Choose from eight e-mail messages and personalize for your child to enjoy (Internet connection required)
Choose and download songs for a custom playlist (Internet connection required)
Modes are accessed with the movable mouse switch
Lightweight and convenient handle enables on-the-go learning
Parents can connect to the online LeapFrog Learning Path for customized learning ideas and insights from LeapFrog
Winner of the 2011 Toy of the Year Award (Infant/Preschool) by the Toy Industry Association
Teaches exploring the alphabet: Even very young children can begin to recognize some letters, especially the letters in their names.
Teaches early pretend play: Pretend play gives children a chance to act out different experiences and roles they see in their world.
Teaches music and sound: Making and listening to music helps young children notice and attend to different sounds and rhythms.
Teaches exploring animals: Even very young children can begin to name animals and identify the sounds they make.
Teaches computer literacy: Young children can become familiar with a keyboard as they are exposed to common computer terms and interactions.