MyyFeed – Baby Formula Mixer


Stores & mixes hot water & formula in one product
2 in 1 product, Bottle insulator & powder dispenser
Keeps hot water warm for many hours
Easy to use, simply press, shake to mix & feed
Reduces the need to carry multiple items
Reduces accidents & spillages
Reduces the risk of bacteria build up
Powder dispenser stores up to 9 scoops of formula
Scoop levels to eliminate errors in counting
Attaches on to your own baby bottle
Flask can Store all brands of bottles for those who express or use cows milk

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Myyfeed Baby Formula Mixer comes with a powder dispenser & a insulated flask, which keeps the hot water in the bottle warm for many hours. It eliminates the need to pour/measure hot water and Formula when required for night time feeding, and reduces any accidental spillages when out and about or travelling. Myyfeed Baby Formula Mixer is an all in one product which reduces the need to carry multiple items.
Myyfeed Baby Formula Mixer works by allowing you to store the required amount of hot water in your bottle and up to 9 scoops of formula in the powder dispenser. Attach them together and store inside the insulated flask to keep the hot water in the bottle warm for hours. To make a feed you simply press the push button to allow the formula to fall into the hot water and mix

The insulated flask also doubles up as storage for food jars & bottles for expressed or cows milk, keeping them hot or cold.

(Baby bottle NOT included, compatible with Myyfeed ; Tommee Tippee ; Avent bottles)