Summer – Ultimate Comfort Body Pillow


The Ultimate Comfort Body Pillow is a soft, supportive body-length pillow designed to comfort mum during and after pregnancy. The patented shape contours the body to support tummy, back and hips for a better sleep, and it is extra large for complete comfort and support. The zipped insert makes this a versatile body pillow for both mum and baby as it can be rolled into a pillow for baby’s tummy time, a toddler’s reading chair or mum’s feeding pillow.

Key Features: 

• Cotton body-length pillow supports mum during and after pregnancy
• Supports mum’s tummy, back and hips for a better sleep
• Great for breast-feeding; provides back support for mum and perfect position to support baby
• Can be used as support seat for babies learning how to sit up
• Removable support insert
• Removable cover is machine washable

CODE: SUM-95021