Baby Bath Sponge

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Bath Sponge Cushion is a wonderful, easy, and safe way to bathe your newborn. Primarily 4 issues need to be taken into consideration in relation to bath sponges for the health of the baby. 1-The sponge should not contain azo paint 2-The sponge should not contain allergic paint, 3- Should not contain cancerous materials, 4. Should not contain toxic elements. Sevi Bebe bath sponges have test results for these 4 substances. In addition, sponge with very low density should not be used. With the very low density sponge, the baby will contact the bath immediately after he/she is placed on the sponge. Besides, as the low density sponges will have more, the sponges that are left at inconvenient conditions produce more bacteria.

Code : ART.159