Bellamy Cutie & Classy Cot /Toddler Bed


This delicate and elegant cot from the Cutie&Classy wooden collection is perfect for long naps. It’s suitable for kids as old as six, because its different functions can be changed as the child grows. The mattress can be set at three different heights starting with the highest, intended for a new-born, moving on to the middle setting for a child that can sit up, and finishing with the lowest, for a child that can stand by him or herself. One side of the frame has two removable bars, so that the child can get into and out of bed with a parent’s help. When the child is two or three years old, the cot can be transformed into a toddler bed which will be a perfect solution for several more years.

The cot is made entirely from pine wood. It is coated with child-safe, scratch-resistant matte white paint which accentuates the natural structure of the wood and prevents fading.

width: 74.8 cm
height: 90 cm
length: 144.3 cm

* This product may only be available by order.