Bettacare Advanced Auto-Close Gate 75-82cms


* Automatically closes and locks by itself, eliminating the danger of a gate left open. No need to turn and close the gate yourself.
* Patented new type of locking handwheel – Child-proof and can not be over tightened or work loose in use.
* Multiple extensions available.
7.2 cm, 14.4 cm, 36.0 cm and 79.2 cm
Use to extend the gate width up to 155 cm.

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Installing a safety gate will help to give you peace of mind that your child won’t be able to access dangerous areas of your home such as the kitchen. Stairs can often be quite dangerous for young children and so it is important that a safety gate is put into place so that they cannot access the stairs without adult supervision. Some people choose to put safety gates at the top and bottom of their stairs while others opt for the one gate and will move it from the bottom of the stairs to the top at night and then back again in the morning.




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