Potette Plus 2 in 1 Travel Potty


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The Potette Plus is revolutionary design making travelling with young children that much easier

This portable potty folds flat for easy transportation.

The legs unfold quickly and simply to create a standard sized potty.

Up to 3 liners can be stored in the Potette Plus ready for use.

Comes with three super-absorbent biodegradable and fragranced liners.

After use, the liner is then disposed of as you would a disposable nappy.

A folding Toilet Trainer Seat.

Handles to help the child feel secure.

Non-slip design with rubberised base.

Suitable for all Toilet Seats.

Compact design suitable for home and travel


CODE: WAH-30229P-B / WAH-30229P-G / WAH-30229P-P