Questi Bimbi – Anti Reflux Pillow for Cot


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Nowdays a lot of peditricians recomend to position children for their sleep on one side oe on their backs because, if the baby has a regurgitation while he’s sleeping positioned on his stomach, food is going to gather – simply for gravity’s reasons – near the trachea, increasing aspiration’s risks. Its particular inclination of 15° allows to manage possible oesophagic refluxs. This inclination also helps to breath and to digest in a better way. Furthermore, it is particularly indicated in case of otitis or if the baby catches a cold. The internal transpirant structure, Drysense certified, allows a deep elevated air’s flux, improving baby’s breathing and managing both steam’s dispersion and humidity in order to avoid the proliferation of moulds and bacteries, that may cause allergies. The exclusive covering is made of a particular antiacarus texture, that has a large knitt. It has been created in order to increase further air’s flux, generated by the internal Drysense structure.