Schnuggle Moses Basket


Technical details

100% recyclable polymer (HDPE) with woven cotton handles
Machine washable cotton
90 x 45 x 25 cm
74 x 28 cm (Included)
2kg undressed, 4kg dressed
Must fit basket size 85 x 40 cm

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The worlds first hypoallergenic and silent Moses basket

The Shnuggle basket design was the result of talking with hundreds of parents to learn what they loved and didn’t love about traditional Moses baskets.The result was an evolution in design, a basket that is still lightweight, portable and cosy for baby – but with the extra benefits of being hypoallergenic, hygienic and easy to clean.

The Shnuggle basket is multi award-winning: it is a favourite with industry experts as well as parents. It truly is the best Moses basket.

Moses Basket Rocking Stand

  • A lovely sturdy Moses Basket rocking stand to gently sooth your baby to sleep, perfectly sized to complement your Shnuggle basket. The stand is lightweight and compact, and has a curved base to allow gentle rocking of the basket.
  • Made in the UK from pine which is sourced from sustainable suppliers. The stand is available either fine sanded but not painted or stained, giving a natural pine finish or with a flat white painted finish.
  • This stand is suitable for use with Moses baskets of dimensions 85cm x 40cm
  • This product requires home assembly, which takes approximately 10 minutes.