Vtech Leap Pad Ultra


The LeapPad Ultra features a 7-inch screen, compared to the 5-inch screens of the earlier LeapPads and the InnoTab. This makes the new tablet physically larger. It weighs about the same as an iPad 2. While I liked the compact size and lighter weight of the LeapPad 2 the extra screen size is welcome, especially for watching movies and game play. LeapFrog hopes these features will keep its attraction for a slightly older age range.
The Ultra boasts a 7-inch light-touch screen that swipes from page to page more like an iPad or high-end Android tablet than the earlier LeapPads did with their more basic resistive touch screens. LeapFrog calls this Duo Tech, as it’s resistive for stylus use and also finger-swipe friendly
Those 7 inches pack a screen resolution of 1,024-x-600 pixels compared to the LeapPad 2’s 480-x-272 – a significant jump.
Storage: The LeapPad Ultra has twice the internal storage of its predecessor – 8GB compared to 4GB. This is great when kids use the video and photo capabilities a lot.
Cameras: The Ultra features front- and rear-facing 2-megapixel cameras just like the LeapPad 2. But they are capable of higher-quality 480p video recording, compared to the earlier 240p.
MP3 player: The LeapPad Ultra includes an MP3 player. Previously this functionality was sold separately.
Battery: Battery life remains at a claimed “up to 9 hours” for the Ultra